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If you have a missing tooth, it affects more than just your smile. How you chew and speak can be impaired as well. Dr. Amira Hassan offers bridges and implants to her patients at Franklin Square Dental in Austin, Texas. Dr. Hassan specializes in cosmetic dentistry, so whatever choice you make, she’ll make sure your new tooth blends in perfectly with the rest of your pearly whites.


by Amira Hassan, DDS

What is a bridge?

A dental bridge is a popular method for replacing a missing tooth. It’s called a bridge because it bridges the gap of the missing tooth. The two surrounding teeth are used as anchors to hold a crown in place where the missing tooth once was.  

A dental bridge doesn’t get direct support from the jaw, which is why the surrounding teeth are needed to hold the bridge in place. The bridge in turn holds the anchor teeth in place to eliminate shifting.

What are dental implants? 

Dental implants are a popular method for dealing with missing teeth; a dental implant replaces all parts of a missing tooth. An artificial root (base) is made from titanium, which Dr. Hassan surgically embeds into the jaw. She then seals the gum to facilitate healing and a fusing for the jawbone to the artificial root. This healing period can take from three to six months depending on the patient and the requirements of their surgery.

Once the fusing has taken place, Dr. Hassan secured a post called an abutment to the base and installs a temporary crown until your permanent crown is ready. Your permanent crown will be made out of gold or porcelain and will complete your dental implant process. And, of course, Dr. Hassan does dental implant work that looks natural while also being incredibly durable.

Which option is best for me?

Dr. Amira Hassan works with her patients to choose the tooth replacement option that’s right for them. Some patients choose a bridge because it’s faster and a less invasive option since implants require surgery. Others prefer dental implants because they are permanent. A bridge can last upwards of 10 years with good care.

Cost is a factor as well, and Dr. Amira Hassan wants to ensure that the option you choose fits in your budget.

If you’re not sure about which option is best for you but are interested in replacing a missing tooth, Dr. Hassan offers consultations to discuss your medical history, your wants and needs for your smile, and your budget to help determine whether an implant or a bridge is best.  

Both options can be used to replace multiple missing teeth, and will make smiling, speaking, and eating much more comfortable. No matter which option you choose, temporary solutions are also available as you work toward a long-term replacement.

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